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Energy Modeling
IIt is a tool to study various uses of energy i.e. space heating, water heating, lighting, electrical appliances and to set a framework for the estimation of the annual energy demand. The calculation for space heating demand is based on an energy balance for the house allowing for transmission and ventilation losses, internal temperature, heating patterns, external climates, internal heat gains, solar gains, appliances efficiency and interaction between these factors. Energy demand for space heating, water heating, cooking, lighting and electrical appliances is based on realistic estimates.
Energy modeling describes energy requirement, methodology and consumption patterns in line with energy codes and guidelines. It also includes procedure to calculate annual energy demand and consumption and to decide which portion of energy consumption can be replaced by using Renewable energy. Eco Energy Rating Ltd has the resources and the right competence to develop Energy modeling to monitor and reduce domestic and industrial energy use to reduce GHG (CO2) emission and improve energy rating.
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